ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy' - Season Thirteen"Grey's Anatomy" Season 13 went out with a bang, but there is still more of it for fans to enjoy.

The DVD set is due out Aug. 29, and it includes the best of the season's outtakes among its bonus features. Along with deleted scenes, there is a gag reel, a compilation of numerous funny bloopers. E! News released the video Monday ahead of the DVD set hitting shelves.

Like all gag reels, the "Grey's Anatomy" Season 13 one has some hilarious moments. People knock things over, stumble over medical terms, and generally have silly reactions to messing up. Funnier still, Jesse Williams (Dr. Jackson Avery) accidentally steals a line from Jessica Capshaw (Dr. Arizona Robbins), and Chandra Wilson (Dr. Miranda Bailey) later even calls a timeout and asks for confirmation that they're still doing the show.

If you can't wait till Aug. 29, E! News has the gag reel now.

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 premieres Sept. 28 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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