game of thrones, dogs, dog names, direwolf, direwolvesNaming your baby after a character from "Game of Thrones" is so three years ago. Now, the cool trend is to name your dog after a resident of Westeros.

That's the word from a new survey conducted jointly by Whistle and Rover, which reports that "GoT" is the hot new thing when it comes to what people call their pets. It should come as no surprise that the Stark children's Direwolves were one of the biggest sources of naming inspiration among survey participants, with Whistle reporting that 62 percent of its users' "Thrones"-adjacent monikers belong to either Grey Wind, Lady, Nymeria, Summer, Shaggydog, or Ghost.

According to the survey, non-Direwolf "Thrones" names that have proven popular tend to skew more toward residents of the North, with Arya (named after Maisie Williams's character, Arya Stark) and Snow (named for Kit Harington's Jon Snow) among the most used.

If you're looking to procure a pooch and name it after your favorite "GoT" character, though, consider following the advice of star Peter Dinklage: The actor recently encouraged "Thrones" fans not to get a dog (like the Direwolf-like husky) unless they were serious about the commitment raising a pet takes -- and urged people to adopt the pet from a shelter whenever possible. We'll raise a glass of wine to that.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]