AMC Presents Live, 90-Minute Special Edition Of 'Talking Dead' - ArrivalsAs Rick, Daryl, and the rest of our core group of survivors on "The Walking Dead" gear up for yet another epic battle to save their very existence, fans are gearing up for the premiere of the show's eighth season. Now, viewers have a sneak peek at some of the action.

Of course, the images -- which were premiered by Entertainment Weekly -- don't actually reveal much about what that action will be. They're pretty much just standard cast photos, featuring Daryl on his motorcycle in one, and Ezekiel and Rick hanging out in the other. But then again, did you really expect the network to tell us very much at all before the new season debuts?

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EW has some speculation about what's probably happening in each photo (Daryl is thankful to have both a bike and a crossbow after going through a pretty rough patch in season seven; Rick and Ezekiel are bonding over saving Carl from Negan and Lucille, and plotting their continued struggle to take down the Saviors); but there's admittedly not too much to read into other than the fact that both images are from the season premiere. Still, it's probably comforting for fans to see that their heroes are still in one piece -- for one episode, anyway -- especially considering the constant threat of a certain villain's barbed wire-covered bat looming nearby.

Season eight of "The Walking Dead" premieres on AMC on October 22.

[via: Entertainment Weekly]

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