69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - ShowHost Stephen Colbert's Emmy Awards opening showed "everything is better on TV," including Sean Spicer's sense of humor.

Colbert started with a musical number, after talking to Anthony Anderson (of ABC's "blackish") and Allison Janney (not of ABC's "blackish") about global warming, Colbert as a white guy host, and HBO bringing back the Confederacy. (Anthony said he'd cancel his HBO subscription ... "after Game of Thrones is over.")

69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - ShowBecause the world is not in the best shape right now, Colbert's opening song referenced many of the nominated shows, singing, "Troubles aren't so troublin' when you see them in HD, the world's a little better on TV..." He danced with Eleven of "Stranger Things," whipped out tissues with the "This Is Us" cast, sang with Selina Meyer of "Veep," and had a dance-line with the "Handmaid's Tale" ladies.

Colbert said HBO would win so many Emmys this year, even with "Game of Thrones" not eligible, but they'd have to melt down the statues to pay for the hacker ransom. ("Too soon?") Colbert told the audience to thank "Game of Thrones" for not being up there. More seriously, he thanked the first responders of Hurricane Harvey and Irma, and promoted supporting the Hand in Hand telethon.

Colbert said this year had the most diverse group of nominees in Emmys history, including Bill Maher, taking a stab at Maher's n-word quip.

It took Colbert till 8:07 to mention Trump, and first threw a softball, saying Trump was the only one with enough time to watch all the TV shows other there.

Colbert later went harder on Trump, arguing that it was the Emmy voters' fault for not giving Trump an Emmy for "The Celebrity Apprentice," 'cause then he might not have run for president. They even replayed the debate clip with Hillary Clinton referencing Trump's assertion that the Emmys were rigged, with Trump saying he should've gotten a win. But, Colbert quipped, the Emmys go to the popular vote.

Staying political, the monologue ended with Sean Spicer's cameo, pushing out his former White House podium to hype up the biggest audience they'd ever have. Colbert perfected the moment by calling him Melissa McCarthy.

Watch the full musical number and monologue (as long as the clip stays up):

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