For the "Dancing With the Stars" celeb unintentionally let their hand wander to the privates of their pro partner -- on live TV.

If it happens again next year, it's officially a trend.

DWTS Season 25 just started last night, with "Shark Tank" star Barbara Corcoran and her pro partner Keo Motsepe sitting at the bottom of the leaderboard with just 14 points out of 30. But what really got fans talking after the premiere was Barbara's wandering hand during the judges' comments.

Barbara clarified afterward that she wasn't aiming for Keo's junk.

As Barbara told TMZ, she didn't realize her hand was aiming for his crotch:

"No, I have better aim than that! I was reaching for his hand and landed on his thigh and hung on for dear life."

Here's what she told Us Weekly:

"There was no crotch grab. I just happened to land my hand on that very important part. And then I felt something in the way, and I moved away."

So it wasn't an intentional crotch grab, but if her hand landed on "that very important part," there was an accidental grab. But you can't blame anyone for thinking she may have meant it, since she was very randy in her comments about Keo all night.

Barbara is 68-years-young and married, but she's having fun with Keo, joking to Us Weekly that she asked her husband to move to the guest room to give Keo comfortable accommodations.

"I'll do anything for Keo. All the things I used to do for my husband 22 years ago, I'm going to be doing to Keo now."

Hearing that, Keo joked, "I'm going to start writing my list now."

Barbara continued, "Make your list, baby. Whatever you want. No limit. You want an Aston Martin? You want a home in Malibu? Rolex watches? Don't worry about it."

Not a bad gig! They are just joking around, but Barbara's ... affection? ... for Keo may turn off some fans. Their low scores combined with the cool-down-cougar factor could put them in jeopardy.

By the way, this is very similar to what happened in the Season 24 premiere last spring, when Bonner Bolton appeared to grab his pro partner Sharna Burgess in her privates behind-the-scenes. They clarified that it was accidental and he didn't see where his hand was going. Apparently that's a thing now.

DWTS will hold its first two eliminations next Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.

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