UPDATE: Later on Sept. 20, HBO confirmed "Watchmen" is moving forward, giving a green light to a pilot and ordering backup scripts.

Original post:

"Day One" is already over.

"Watchmen" was adapted into a movie directed by Zack Snyder in 2009. In 2015, Snyder had meetings with HBO to try and adapt the graphic novel into a series. More recently, rumors spread that "The Leftovers" and "Lost" honcho Damon Lindelof would be tackling that "Watchmen" series for HBO.

It looks like that's already happening. Lindlelof got fans talking -- and dream-casting -- with this Instagram post marking "Day One":

Day One.

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What is that statue? Uproxx explained the connection to "Watchmen":

"For those unfamiliar, that's the retirement trophy given to Night Owl, the WWII-era vigilante who wrote a memoir that appeared in the back pages of the original issues of Watchmen. It comes into play as the comic considers how WWII-era social changes would have influenced, and in some cases warped, the four-color square-jawed heroes of the Golden Age."

2015 Summer TCA Tour - Day 3Here's more on the Watchmen from DC Comics:

"Watchmen takes place in an alternate world where the mere presence of American superheroes changed history: The US won the Vietnam War, Nixon is still president, and the cold war is in full effect. It begins with a murder-mystery before unfolding into a planet-altering conspiracy: When a retired hero is killed, his former teammates must investigate. The conspiracy they uncover will entwine their secret traumas and twisted psychologies, ultimately asking where the fine line is drawn between heroes and villains? [...]

Popularly cited as the point where comics came of age, Watchmen's sophisticated take on superheroes has been universally acclaimed for its psychological depth and realism. It's slowly and inevitably become it's own franchise, spawning a movie, video game, and the Before Watchmen prequel comics."

It's not clear what Lindelof's "Day One" indicates. Maybe it was the first day of writing or production meetings. Stay tuned for updates on casting, filming, and premiere dates -- presuming the project stays on track.

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