2017 MTV Movie And TV Awards - ArrivalsThere is no shortage of work for Gal Gadot ever since her "Wonder Woman" success.

Gone are the actress's days of "almosts," it appears. Gadot has yet another note-worthy role on her radar: She is in early talks for a part in "Deeper," an upcoming thriller starring Bradley Cooper, Deadline reports.

Written by Max Landis, the film centers on a disgraced astronaut (Cooper) who takes on a mission to bottom of what is believed to be the deepest oceanic trench. Needless to say, it is dangerous -- and all the more so when mysterious forces get involved. At this point, the details of Gadot's would-be part haven't been revealed, but if she does join, she'll be directed by Kornel Mundruczo.

Gadot has other projects on her plate, as well. She appears in the upcoming "Justice League," will star in "Wonder Woman 2," and is likely to pop up in other DC Extended Universe films down the road. Putting in her time as a struggling actress has definitely paid off.

[via: Deadline]