A very detail-oriented parent got a big surprise while watching the children's cartoon "Maya the Bee" on Netflix.

In Season 1, Episode 35 of the show, the background includes what looks like a penis drawn on the inside of a tree stump. A woman named Chey Robinson noticed the image, and then turned to Facebook to express her disgust, according to Variety. That got other people's attention, and screenshots from the episode in question began spreading on social media.

While some people were also outraged by the image, others were more entertained. In particular, some couldn't resist connecting the incident to Netflix's mockumentary series "American Vandal," which seeks to answer the question, "Who drew the dicks?"

We do want to know how the offending image ended up in the show, but that may be a question that remains unanswered. Netflix has since pulled the controversial "Maya the Bee" episode but has not yet commented on the issue. Neither has Studio 100 Animation, the company behind the cartoon.