EE British Academy Film Awards - Red Carpet ArrivalsShe may have created the magical world of Harry Potter, but even J.K. Rowling has trouble escaping reality sometimes. And what better remedy is there than ogling photos of adorable animals?

Rowling put out the siren call to her Twitter followers on Monday morning, noting that she was upset about the current state of politics in the U.K, and looking for a bit of a distraction.

"I'm so ****ing depressed," the author wrote. "Send otter pictures."

While we must point out that Rowling missed an opportunity to say, "Accio otter pictures," nevertheless, her fans more than delivered on her request, tweeting dozens of images of the cute aquatic mammals at the author. The delighted writer then retweeted many of the photos to her 12.7 million followers.

Rowling was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response, tweeting an update later in the day.

"Thank you, kind and lovely people, for your otter gorgeousness," she wrote.

The writer's followers also found her request soothing, with many noting that Rowling's request (and subsequent retweets) clogged up their feeds -- in a good way.

The world may be a cruel and depressing place sometimes, but at least we have Rowling, otters, and the power of Google Image Search to help us get by.

[via: J.K. Rowling/Twitter]