"30 Rock" wants to go to there — "there" being Hulu.

Fans were devastated that the Emmy-winning comedy is leaving Netflix at the end of September. But don't worry — you'll be able to binge rewatch "30 Rock" on Hulu!

As part of a deal with NBC Universal, Hulu will begin streaming "30 Rock" and beloved family drama "Parenthood." The former will be available Oct. 1, while the latter while debut on the streaming service in early 2018.

Hulu will also premiere Paul Reiser's new period comedy "There's Johnny," set behind the scenes of "The Tonight Show." The show was originally set to stream on NBC's now-dead service Seeso.

NBC and Hulu signed a similar deal recently for the entire archive of "Will & Grace," which has been revived for another season (and premieres Thursday).

These deals aren't a big surprise, since NBC Universal owns 30 percent of Hulu.