BOOM. Another hilarious cameo shocker. Please let there be a "Last Man on Earth" Season 5, just to see who's next.

Season 4 premiered last night with still another uber-quick A-list addition.

Spoilers ahoy!

This time it was Jack Black, who was on screen for maybe two full seconds as Rear Admiral Roy Billups. Kristen Wiig's character Pamela -- finally joining the rest of the group this season, although that has not gone well -- introduced the rear admiral, who had time enough to saunter on deck in his costume to say, "She's a nice ship, I can't wait to take her out for a-"

Yep, that was it.

Because the nearly un-killable Pat (Mark Boone Jr.) wasn't quite dead, and he got one last shot in to kill Billups before Pamela shot the crap out of Pat. Then Phil/Tandy (Will Forte) sliced Pat up in an effort to really kill the guy for good.

Season 2 started this wonderful brief-celeb-cameo tradition by quickly killing off Will Ferrell: Season 3 kept the gag going by quickly killing off Jon Hamm:"Last Man on Earth" star/creator Will Forte talked to The Hollywood Reporter about booking Season 4's premiere cameo.

THE LAST MAN ON EARTH:  Guest star Jack Black in the "M.U.B.A.R." season premiere episode of THE LAST MAN ON EARTH airing Sunday, Oct. 1 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.  ©2017 Fox Broadcasting Co.  Cr:  Kevin Estrada/FOX

THR: Let's get to the big moment of the premiere. How did Jack Black's appearance happen?

Will Forte: He is somebody who is one of my comedy heroes. I've been fortunate enough to get to work with him a couple times. I was a writer on the MTV Movie Awards way back in the day when he hosted, then he hosted SNL a couple of times when I was there and I've done his Festival Supreme, so we've kept in touch a little bit throughout the years. And he's just the most delightful person there is. He had always told me that he watches the show, so I thought I might as well as take a crack at it and see if he would be interested in doing this because it's always fun to have fun big stars on the show and kill them immediately. And this seemed like it was in the vein of something he would appreciate. And when we asked, he emailed back so quickly; he's just the best. I'm so excited about it. I wish it could be a longer stint, but to get him even for a brief moment is a real honor.

"Last Man on Earth" Season 4 continues Sundays on FOX.

[Via: TV Guide, THR]

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