Put on your thinking cap, because there are new "Stranger Things" Season 2 clues to try to solve.

Netflix dropped a teaser on Monday that reveals the titles of six of the nine upcoming episodes. Most of them are different from the ones you may remember being released by the streamer in late August. After unveiling the episode titles, the show's creators, the Duffer Brothers, decided to do some renaming.

What they came up with are the following titles, presumably in episode order: "Madmax"; "Trick or Treat Freak"; "The Pollywog"; "Will the Wise"; "Dig Dug"; and "The Spy." So far, the titles for the final three episodes of the season remain under wraps.

Of the episodes we do have titles for, there is limited overlap with the previously released titles. While the Season 2 premiere, "Madmax," retains the same name, there is only one other title that is reused: "The Pollywog." Interestingly, Netflix previously listed that episode sixth instead of third in the earlier video, making it unclear if the title is being used for a different episode, or if Netflix was being tricky by initially revealing episode titles out of order.

The original list, in the order they appeared, was: "Madmax"; "The Boy Who Came Back to Life"; "The Pumpkin Patch"; "The Palace"; "The Storm"; "The Pollywog"; "The Secret Cabin"; "The Brain"; and "The Lost Brother."

We don't have to wait long to get all of our answers. "Stranger Things" Season 2 premieres Oct. 27 on Netflix.