7th Annual Milk + Bookies' Story Time CelebrationOctober has reopened a major wound for "Halloweentown" fans.

The Disney Channel Original Movie and the series it spawned are nearly two decades old, but fans haven't forgotten what they've deemed an unforgivable sin: the recasting of the heroine, teen witch Marnie. Kimberly J. Brown starred in the lead role in the first three movies, but Sara Paxton took up her broomstick in the fourth, "Return to Halloweentown." Now that October is here, fans have been reminded of just how angry they still are about the change, and they are not suffering in silence.

There are tweets from almost every single day of the month so far, and their frequency and intensity have ramped up. People are blaming the Marnie change for everything from trust issues to lasting bitterness. OG Marnie fans are never going to forgive Disney, even though the fourth movie came out 11 years ago. Seriously -- see for yourself.

There is no undoing the past, but Brown's fans will be happy to know that the actress recently reunited with members of the "Halloweentown" cast -- in Halloweentown. Yes, the town is fictional, but they went back to their old stomping grounds, otherwise known as St. Helen, Oregon, where they filmed the first movie. They attended the annual Spirit of Halloweentown festival, and Brown posted a picture on Instagram of the special event.

It turns out the real Marnie never left us.