4th Annual Light Up The Blues - ArrivalsAndy Dick quipped that his middle name is "misconduct," and the "Raising Buchanan" filmmakers knew what they were signing up for when they cast him. Be that as it may, the actor/comedian was fired from the indie film after reports of sexual harassment and misconduct.

Dick talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the allegations against him -- including "groping people's genitals, unwanted kissing/licking, and sexual propositions of at least four members of the production."

Here's part of Dick's defense:

"I didn't grope anybody. I might have kissed somebody on the cheek to say goodbye and then licked them. That's my thing -- I licked Carrie Fisher at a roast. It's me being funny. I'm not trying to sexually harass people. I didn't grab anybody's genitals.

Of course I'm going to proposition people. I'm single, depressed, lonely, and trying to get a date. They can just say no, and they probably did and then I was done."

If it sounds like he's delusional about what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace, you're exactly right. Here's more from he 51-year-old actor to THR:

"I don't know the difference between sexual harassment and trying to get a date. In the '70s, all the girlfriends I got was by kissing and licking their cheek. I don't know anymore. There were beautiful women and beautiful guys on the set. I flirt with them. I might kiss someone on the set and ask them to go to dinner. They are the ones that took it south."

He thinks he's being cute, but he's had several serious allegations made about him over the years. A few years ago, Uproxx chronicled his behavior in "A Brief History Of Andy Dick's Stealing, Groping, Genital-Exposing Insanity," just covering 1999-2014:

"Andy has no qualms with exposing himself, defiling underage girls, ingesting copious amounts of chemical substances, and exposing himself some more. We could do a whole story of just Andy Dick urinating in public, but at this point, the cops have more to worry about with Dick than him relieving himself in public..."

After THR's report about "Raising Buchanan," producer Kathryn Moseley reached out to say Andy Dick was fired from her film "Vampire Dad" a few days after his previous firing. In fact, she told THR Dick was fired just hours after arriving to set on the first day of filming on October 18.

THR quoted Moseley and a letter by her legal team alleging that Dick was escorted off the "Vampire Dad" set due to "multiple, flagrant acts of improper conduct and inappropriate contact with several cast and crew members." She added that an investigation is currently underway by a Beverly Hills law firm.

Since Andy Dick has had such a public reputation for years -- not even secretly, openly and legally -- it does seem like anyone who hires him in 2017 must know his history. Moseley said they hired Dick because they were "under the assumption that he was sober." He was also a good fit for the character, she said, and he was "cogent and polite" through the interview process. Things were different on set.

He's clearly slow to learn what's acceptable behavior. But maybe this will finally be his wake-up call?

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