All of the new characters on Netflix's "Stranger Things 2" had their shining moments, but let's be real — the best of them was, without a doubt, Erica.

Lucas's little sister, played by Priah Ferguson, stole every scene she was in. Whether she was teasing Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) for being a nerd or unceremoniously hanging up the walkie talkie on Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Erica brought the sass hard and we are here for it.

She was such a standout that the show's creators, Matt and Ross Duffer, plan to expand her role in Season 3.

"It was going to be a throwaway part," Matt Duffer told Vulture. "This girl came in from Georgia and just killed it, and then she killed it on set. I was thinking, 'Maybe she just nailed the audition,' but it was every day. We were dying."

He added, "Any excuse we had to get Erica in there, we'd write her in."

And fans can expect to see a lot of lil sis.

"There will definitely be more Erica in Season 3," Ross Duffer told Yahoo.

Added Matt Duffer, "I thought she's very GIF-able, if that's a word."

She'll make it a word: