There's nothing like "Game of Thrones" for keeping you in suspense -- even if you're an actor on the show.

The first Season 8 table read-through took place in early October, but it seems some cast members are still in the dark about their status. Ellie Kendrick told the U.K.'s Metro that she doesn't know yet whether or not her character, Meera, will be involved in Season 8. The actress, who first appeared in Season 3, is waiting for a call to let her know either way.

"I wait for the phone to ring and then I find out," Kendrick said of the process, "but it hasn't rung so I don't know."

In spite of the uncertainty, she sounded rather calm about it, adding that she'll find out "at some point." That's a stark contrast to the last time we saw her character on screen in Season 7, as she got pretty heated. Meera responded to an underwhelming good-bye from Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) with a fiery tirade, reminding him what she went through to deliver him to his family after traveling beyond the wall. If that ends up being her last appearance, at least it was a memorable one.

"Game of Thrones" Season 8's premiere date hasn't been announced yet, but the series' return isn't expected until 2019.

[via: Metro]