Breast cancer can't stop Julia Louis-Dreyfus -- only slow her down.

The actress has been receiving treatment since she revealed in September she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. HBO quickly offered its support, and it has since put its money where its mouth is by putting "Veep" Season 7 production on hold. Executive producer Frank Rich confirmed the delay to "Press Pool" host Julie Mason during her SiriusXM show on Wednesday, and also gave her an update on how Louis-Dreyfus is doing.

"Julia is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, and we're obviously postponing production of the show -- we were supposed to have started now -- while she's in treatment," he told Mason. "But the expectation is that we will shoot again. We have one more season we're doing, which we're incredibly excited about."

Although production is on hold, that cast and crew are still pressing forward -- Louis-Dreyfus included. According to Rich, the Emmy winner "wants to keep working as much as circumstances allow ... without being crazy about it." As such, she has been fitting in table reads with the full cast. Rich indicated that they'd recently had one just 10 days before, and he'd "watched her just be hilarious" as her character, Selina Meyer.

When Season 7 production does finally begin, it's clear Louis-Dreyfus will be ready.

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that "Veep" Season 6 had been put on hold.

[via: SiriusXM News & Issues/Soundcloud; h/t: EW]