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Once again, Harrison Ford has stepped into headlines (this time not for any plane incidents). TMZ says he helped a woman who drove her car off the highway Sunday morning in Santa Paula, CA, crashing into an embankment. Witnesses say Ford was driving behind her when she lost control.

(Side note: Do you think she saw Harrison Ford in her rear-view mirror and thought "Holy sh*t, that's Han Solo!" and it led her off the road?)

Ford pulled over, along with other drivers, and rushed to her aide until the paramedics arrived. TMZ posted photos of the car and Ford at the scene. The woman only had minor injuries, thankfully.

Ford also steps up on the East Coast, as well. TMZ reminded readers that, just two months ago, Ford decided to direct tunnel traffic in New York City. When you play an action hero so often on-screen it must make you want to take action off-screen.

When Ford isn't policing road traffic, he's often flying. That does not always go well, but he's 75 and still everywhere -- ground, sky, probably at sea now and again -- so good for him.

Speaking of Indiana Jones, though, Ford is on board for a fifth movie, expected in July 2020.

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