I triple-dog-dare you to guess how much Scut Farkus still makes from "A Christmas Story."

FOX aired the musical "A Christmas Story Live" last night -- to mixed reviews -- and it made a lot of fans nostalgic for the 1983 movie. Zack Ward played bully Scut Farkus in that holiday classic, and he talked to Page Six about how much money he still gets today in royalties.

"You're going to be so disappointed," Ward told Page Six. "It's basically about $1,800 every two years ... and it comes in in Canadian money because we shot in Canada."

Why would anyone be disappointed? Can you imagine doing a job at age 13 and still getting payments for it at age 47? How is that not The Dream?! (For the record, at the current exchange, $1,800 Canadian dollars is equal to about $1,400 U.S. dollars. Still awesome for a job you did almost 35 years ago.)

Proving he's nothing like the bully he played, Ward told Page Six he puts the money in a special account in case his mom needs it someday.

11th Annual Final Draft Awards - ShowWard said he still gets stopped in the street by strangers -- even though he didn't get to keep Farkus' trademark hat -- and he's still acting, now living in the L.A. area. He has a pretty long filmography, and was recently in "American Horror Story: Cult" and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Aside from acting, Page Six said he works with All Sports Market and Global Sports Financial Exchange, Inc. developing a sports exchange for fans to buy and trade shares of their favorite sports teams.

TNT and TBS are airing "A Christmas Story" marathon from December 24-25, in case you want to watch Ralphie beat up Farkus a few more times. At least he's still getting paid for it!

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