She's baaack!

"Fuller House" Season 3B brought back an old favorite from "Full House." No, it wasn't Michelle. (We can probably kill that dream by now.) It was Vicky Larson! You'll remember Vicky (Gail Edwards) as Danny Tanner's (Bob Saget) girlfriend, then fiancée, in "Full House" Season 5-7. Vicky and Danny broke up when she landed her dream anchor job in New York while Danny stayed with his family in San Francisco.

Well, the Netflix series brought Vicky back in a Season 3 finale cameo that suggests good things for Season 4. (If there is a Season 4. Netflix hasn't given an official green light yet.) D.J. and Stephanie surprised Danny with the re-appearance of Vicky, and he invited her to the Dadiversary party.

TVLine asked show creator Jeff Franklin about the return of Vicky:

"The storyline just took us to Danny getting divorced and being single again, and we felt it would be a good time to bring her back and reintroduce her. Not that there's necessarily going to be a rekindling of their romance, but it was just a good time in our storytelling to see them together again. We spent a lot of time building Vicky's character and building that relationship, and that one got ripped apart as well. I don't think any of those decisions were big crowdpleasers back in the day. All of those little decisions contributed to the show's early demise. For me, it's just nice to bring her back and say we love you. That was what it was about for me."

Oh, they'd better rekindle that romance and not just bring her back for a cameo. Come on, now. It's their density destiny to be together.

There was a lot more going on in Season 4 -- including the adults moving back to San Francisco and Kimmy acting as surrogate for Stephanie's baby. That's plenty of fodder for Season 4, and fans are ready for all of it, especially Vicky + Danny:

Fans seem to really love "Fuller House," so it would be surprising if Netflix didn't give it a Season 4, and possibly more beyond that. But will Vicky and Danny end up getting married, or just see where things go?

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