Q Awards 2017Trivial Pursuit almost started another "Game of Thrones" war of sorts.

Actress Maisie Williams was playing the game with her boyfriend, Ollie Jackson, when he ended up with a hilariously perfect question: "In 'Game of Thrones,' what is the name of the tomboy daughter of Ned and Catelyn Stark?" That upped the stakes for him, because not knowing the answer would mean that he'd missed some of the most basic information about his girlfriend's TV character.

"He'd better get this one right," Williams wrote on Instagram, adding a sword emoji.

He'd better get this one right ???? #trivialpursuit

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Let's hope he did know the right answer. That is too crucial a crucial detail about her job for him to miss unless he wasn't even paying attention. They met in school and had been dating for "over a year" when she spoke with InStyle in April 2016, so that's long enough that he should be an expert on all things Arya Stark by now. When it comes to something like this, he can't be Jon Snow and know nothing.