ENTERTAINMENT-US-MUSIC-ROCK UNDER THE STARSThe Decker-Roddick household has grown once again.

"Grace and Frankie" star shared a photo Wednesday, saying that they're doing "fine."

"A newborn, a toddler, a dog in a cone, a dog with a tumor but I'm having a good hair day so it's fine we're fine I'm fine," she wrote.

Decker and Roddick certainly have their hands full. The combination of a newborn, a toddler, and a sick dog doesn't sound like a cakewalk, so it really is impressive she managed to have such a great hair day. No wonder she wanted to celebrate it.

Decker and Roddick's first child, Hank, was born in 2015. The couple has been married since 2009.

We'll see more of the model-turned-actress in "Grace and Frankie" Season 4, which starts streaming Jan. 19 on Netflix.