TOPSHOT-US-OSCARS-ARRIVALSTraveling long distances can be boring, but "Moonlight" director Barry Jenkins is apparently good at whiling away the time.

The Academy Award winner was flying to Los Angeles on Wednesday when he started watching a movie. He didn't do it in the usual fashion, though. Jenkins noticed the woman next to him watching "Notting Hill" and got sucked in, and then instead of starting the film on his own screen, he proceeded to watch over her shoulder without sound. What followed was a hilarious series of tweets spanning more than an hour of his flight.

Since he couldn't hear what was going on, Jenkins asked for help figuring out the story -- he was confused because he thought Julia Robert's character was "waaaaaaaay too much" for Hugh Grant's character. Of course, Twitter delivered.

Armed with more information, Jenkins continued to react to what he was seeing (but not hearing), providing more entertaining commentary on the classic '90s film.

And possibly the best moment was when the action on screen started to heat up.

Eventually the movie -- and thus the fun -- had to end, but we enjoyed it while it lasted. Based on the fan response, we're not alone in hoping that Jenkins will spend more flights doing this in the future.