You may not care too much about these two yet. But give them time.

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 has so much drama going on, there's almost no room for the affair between reunited lovers Dr. Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) and intern Dr. Sam Bello (Jeanine Mason). But in 14 seasons of this show, many couples have come and gone, and most started in the background, growing over time into something beautiful. (And then Shonda usually kills them off or they leave the show.)

Co-showrunner Krista Vernoff told Entertainment Weekly she's planting story seeds for the future with Sam and DeLuca, teasing "fun" stuff ahead for the low-key duo. Here's what EW reported in response to a fan question:

Hello! Any news on Jeanine Mason's character on Grey's Anatomy? She's my favorite SYTYCD ["So You Think You Can Dance"] winner and I really want her character to be more than just DeLuca's hookup. — thattookaturn

Sam and the odd (maybe borderline stalker or unhealthy?) relationship she has with DeLuca will definitely be featured a lot more when the show returns. "Sam and DeLuca were featured in the 300 episode in that way because I had a commitment to not only revisit the past, but move the show forward," EP Krista Vernoff says. "I thought it was really important to say that the reason the show has gone on for 14 seasons is because we constantly reinvent and introduce new couples and new relationships. You may not be invested in this one yet, but that's one of the major engines of the show is that constant evolution. I wanted to seed story for the future, but I'm not going to tell you what that story is. We're having a lot of fun with Sam and DeLuca in the coming episodes."

Jeanine Mason echoed the word "fun" when talking to Glamour about what's ahead for her character. And that fan above should be happy to know Sam will do more than hook up with DeLuca. Mason told Glamour Sam gets assigned to neuroscience, acting as Dr. Amelia Shephard's young Padawan. "That's super exciting, because it means I get to work with Caterina Scorsone," Mason said. "Sam is finally going to get more responsibility."

US-ENTERTAINMENT-TELEVISION-EPISODEAlso on a non-romance note, Mason told Glamour she is Cuban, and Sam is Latina, and "the fact that it is a part of Sam's story is really exciting to me." She said she remembers when Sara Ramirez joined the show as Callie Torres. "Seeing Callie walk down those hallways with purpose and an unapologetic sense of self was so empowering. I was affected by it as a young Cuban girl with aspirations to be an actor."

So that's all great non-hookup stuff ahead for Sam. But Mason did also tease more romantic moments, saying Sam will "make a conscious effort to push DeLuca away" to focus on work, but ... she keeps getting distracted. "Their dynamic is going to get so fun. They're trying to stay focused, but they're just right there in each other's space."

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 14 returns from winter break on Thursday, Jan. 18 with an episode that already looks pretty tense, based on the first photos. We're looking forward to seeing what's ahead for Sam and DeLuca, together and apart.

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