US-ENTERTAINMENT-GOLDEN-GLOBES-ARRIVALSAwkward meets awesome all in one clip.

"Will & Grace" star Debra Messing read E! for filth live on E!'s Golden Globes 2018 red carpet. She did it in the classiest way possible, but make no mistake: She did that, and she did it on purpose.

This year, many stars wore black to support the Time's Up movement against sexism. Messing discussed what it meant to wear black during her talk with E!'s Giuliana Rancic. During the talk, she referenced E! News' Catt Sadler quitting her job, and saying it was because Jason Kennedy made nearly double her salary -- despite both Catt and Jason starting at E! in the same year, and Catt doing two E! shows.

Debra Messing: "...I was so shocked to hear that E! doesn't believe in paying their female cohosts the same as their male cohosts. I miss Catt Sadler. We stand with her. That's something that can change tomorrow..."

Wish they had shown more of Giuliana's face. People have pointed out that Giuliana made a lot more than Jason Kennedy when she had her E! News job, but she was also at E! for a lot longer than Jason, which was part of the point. The pay should reflect the time you put in.

Watch Debra Messing take E! to task live on their own network:

Debra Messing was the first star interviewed on E!'s red carpet show, but others followed her lead when it comes to challenging E!'s pay gap. Laura Dern and Sarah Jessica Parker addressed the issue with Ryan Seacrest. "I know it's affected your network," SJP told Seacrest. "I know that there have been conversations that have been challenging for all of us, but I think it's incredibly timely. It's exciting. And parity and equality and safe work environments, they shouldn't be controversial."

Messing's "Will & Grace" was nominated for Best Television Series – Comedy.

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