The West WingNBC has reportedly issued The West Wing" whenever he wants, and after a mini reunion between Sorkin and two members of the show's cast this weekend, we definitely need it happen.

The brief, delightful encounter occurred at the annual BAFTA Tea Party in Los Angeles this past Saturday, where awards season hopefuls mingled. And thanks to their contributions to a string of recent critically-acclaimed films, Allison Janney ("I, Tonya"), Bradley Whitford ("Get Out"), and Sorkin ("Molly's Game") were all in attendance at the star-studded event.

Janney shared a snap of the trio together at the gathering, dubbing their run-in "reunion magic."

It certainly is magical to see C.J. and Josh back together again, and makes us dream about what the characters would be up to now. But it's that very question that's prevented Sorkin from pulling the trigger on a potential "West Wing" return: The creator admitted in a recent interview that while he has a great idea for a new president (the perfect Sterling K. Brown) and a way to include President Bartlet (Martin Sheen), he's stuck on how to organically rope in other original cast members.

We hope his recent encounter with Janney and Whitford can help get his creative juices flowing. In today's uncertain world, we could use the idealism of "The West Wing" more than ever.

[via: Allison Janney/Twitter]