Unlike Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe can't magic himself a way out of trouble in the first trailer for "Beast of Burden."

Radcliffe plays a pilot who has to make one last delivery of cocaine across the U.S.-Mexico border. He's caught between a dangerous cartel and the DEA, one of whose agents (Pablo Schreiber) dismissively calls him a drug mule. "Don't think you're anything else," he says.

Adding to the high stakes of the task is the fact that Radcliffe's wife (Grace Gummer) is sick. If this drug run is successful, he can get her treatment. If not ...

Radcliffe has had a very — how shall we put this? — interesting career since the end of the "Harry Potter" franchise. He's certainly chosen a variety of roles in movies like "The Woman in Black," "Victor Frankenstein," "Swiss Army Man," and "Now You See Me 2."

"Beast of Burden" opens in select theaters February 23 and on Digital HD/Demand.