Spike TV is ending as of Thursday, Jan. 18. The network Viacom started in 2003 as "The First Network for Men" is rebranding as the Paramount Network. According to the New York Times, Paramount Network sees itself as "televisions's destination for premium entertainment and storytelling."

Paramount's new life begins Thursday with a live episode of the popular Spike TV show "Lip Sync Battle." Paramount will also feature new shows like "Waco," a miniseries starring Taylor Kitsch and Michael Shannon; and "Yellowstone," starring Kevin Costner. Spike was known for showing LOTS of episodes of "COPS," and the NYT joked that there will be "many fewer showings" in the rebranding.

The network will devote about a third of its schedule to original programming, and give the rest of the time to TV shows and movies from the Viacom and Paramount vaults. They're already adapting some of their own past movies for modern audiences, like the new "Heathers" series.

The self-described "Soon-to-be-ex-Viacom employee" who runs the Spike TV Twitter account decided to spend his/her/their last week tweeting out some funny and foul-mouthed last hurrahs. Some of the tweets are too f-bomb heavy to include, but here are most of them:

Fans appreciated the tweets and wanted them to continue. In case you want to keep the farewell party going, the link with the Twitter bio leads to a Spotify page with 32 goodbye songs (including "Closing Time"). FYI, Paramount Network did reply to a fan asking what would happen to "COPS" episodes. The show will be coming to Paramount. It just may not air 329 times a day.

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