The main cast of "Friends" may never star in a reunion movie, but at least this fan-made trailer for a (fake) "Friends" film will be there for you.

The faux promo, created by Smasher, imagines a world in which the core "Friends" gang has drifted apart in the years since the 2004 series finale, with Monica and Chandler breaking up (say it ain't so!) and Ross and Rachel apparently going on another, longer break. Of course, since none of the actors actually reprised their roles for this clip, Smasher had to get creative, instead cobbling together scenes from the actors' post-"Friends" projects, including "Cougar Town" and "Episodes."

It helps that many of our Friends -- that's Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer, in case you live under a rock without Netflix or cable rerun access -- appeared on each other's shows over the years, so there are several scenes where Rachel and Monica interact, as well as Monica and Chandler and Monica and Phoebe (thanks for all those reunions, "Cougar Town"). Ross and Joey appear to be off in their own separate worlds, though Joey seems to be doing just fine for himself (nice Golden Globe!); Ross, on the other hand, can't even figure out how to properly video chat.

Sure, this movie may be fake, but it's still fun to think about what could be. Then again, based on how depressing everyone's lives appear in this trailer, maybe it's for the best that "The Last One" was truly the last one.

[via: Smasher/YouTube, h/t TV Guide]