UPDATE: According to Deadline, production is hoping to resume again this June in Spain.

Original post:

Poor Blake Lively apparently needs a second hand surgery after the first one didn't quite work.

We're still very much looking forward to seeing "The Rhythm Section," an adaptation of Mark Burnell's Stephanie Patrick novel, with Lively in the lead role. We know she goes through a lot of physical transformations for the thriller, and she'll also do some stunts.

Unfortunately, she injured her hand doing a stunt back in December. At the time, production was shut down temporarily.

However, sources just told The Hollywood Reporter that Lively's initial hand surgery didn't go as planned and now she has to have a second surgery, which will require more time to recover. So production is now down indefinitely. One source told THR that it could be five months before they get back to filming. Another source said that just under half of the movie had already been filmed.

Here's the official statement from producers (via THR):

"Hiatus on the production of The Rhythm Section has been extended due to the hand injury Blake Lively sustained while filming an action sequence on the action thriller at the end of last year."

The crew members are being told to find other work in the meantime, while Lively -- surely very frustrated -- recovers from her injury.

Just last week Lively had shared another transformation photo on Instagram, giving us hope that the movie was back on track:

Director Reed Morano told THR, earlier this month, that Lively is OK, the problem is just that her kind of injury would normally require 4-6 weeks of rehab, then require her to wear a split, but they have to jump right back into stunts.

"The Rhythm Section" still currently has a release date of February 22, 2019, but we'll have to see if these delays push that back. Heal fast!

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