The merc with a mouth strikes again.

Fresh off of live-tweeting the Super Bowl as his "Deadpool 2" character, Ryan Reynolds is giving us the sequel's latest poster. As others before it, the poster parodies an important piece of pop culture. This time, it's the 1983 romantic musical drama "Flashdance," starring Jennifer Beals and Michael Nouri.

The poster shows Deadpool bracing himself as he bends backward over a chair, chest to the sky, as bullets rain down on him. Beals previously posed the same way for "Flashdance" but with water falling down on her, but just in case people didn't make the connection, Reynolds included another clue: He borrowed the "Flashdance" tagline and tweeted it out with the image.

"Take your passion. And make it happen," he wrote.

Another day, another well-executed "Deadpool 2" marketing move. We look forward to more of these as the film's May 18 release date gets even closer.