If you thought watching "American Horror Story" was scary, just try living in the actual so-called "murder house" featured in season one of the hit FX anthology series.

According to Los Angeles-based real estate site The Real Deal, the owners of that property -- a historical home in the swanky Olympic Park neighborhood that's known as the Rosenheim Mansion -- are suing the previous owner, as well as their real estate brokers, for allegedly failing to disclose the house's connection to "AHS." In the lawsuit, the current owners claim that the home is a "macabre tourist attraction," and since purchasing the property in 2015, they have been continually harassed by fans who "trespass, attempt to break in, and [create] a significant nuisance."

The Real Deal reports:

The new owners began noticing fans of the show turning up outside the home and on the property "almost immediately," their attorney, Doug Vanderpool, told The Real Deal. They have "weekly" break-ins and recently have become particularly concerned since having a baby, he said.


"A week before I first visited them [to work on the case], they had been awakened by the sound of glass breaking — someone came in through the window in the kitchen," Vanderpool said.

While a terrible -- and illegal -- headache, all of this surely comes with the territory of owning a famous home, right? Well, yes and no. According to attorney Vanderpool, both the seller and the brokers "specifically signed off that there were no nuisances in the neighborhood to disclose," and the suit claims that the owners would not have purchased the home if they had known about its starring role on "AHS."

Oh, and the house is also apparently haunted by two real ghosts, according to the owners' attorney. That point of contention, however, is not listed in the lawsuit. Go figure.

[via: The Real Deal, h/t The A.V. Club]