These violent delights have violent ends — though hopefully not at South by Southwest.

HBO is building a version of the iconic park from sci-fi drama "Westworld" outside Austin, Texas during the upcoming SXSW Festival.

Fans will have a chance to "Live Without Limits" in the two-acre themed park that includes re-creations of locations from the show, including The Coronado hotel and the Mariposa Saloon. A teaser video promises, "No guidebook, no orientation, no regrets."

Visitors will start the experience by getting picked up in a Delos shuttle in Austin and then getting assigned a black or white hat. That's a nod to how park attendees in the show begin their journey in Westworld; for instance, William (Jimmi Simpson) picks a white hat, but as fans know, he eventually dons a black one when he gets older (and is played by Ed Harris).

The park will be filled with "hosts," played by actors (who will NOT have sex with guests). There will also be Western-themed food, real horses, and embedded clues to the show's many mysteries.

The experience will run March 9-11. Visitors must pre-register at to get on the list.

"Westworld" Season 2 premieres April 22.