Less than a week after its jaw-dropping opening weekend, Marvel flick "Black Panther" continues its box office reign, circling a huge milestone and breaking several other records along the way.

The flick is set to cross the $500 million mark worldwide on Thursday, currently sitting less than $10 million shy of that number as of press time. That's a kingly sum for a film that's only been theaters for nine days, and a number that parent company Disney is probably pretty grateful for, after a disappointing 2017.

Indeed, the success of "Black Panther" is great news for Disney, which will officially cross the $1 billion mark at the global box office for the year on Thursday, after only 52 days. And as far as Marvel films go, the standalone feature is standing up to the MCU's biggest films, taking down 2012's "The Avengers" with the highest-grossing Wednesday haul for any Marvel flick (raking in $14.5 million, versus the $13.6 million earned by Tony Stark and co.'s first team-up).

When compared to all other superhero flicks, "Black Panther" is roaring past them, too, banking the biggest Tuesday ever for a pic in the genre ($20.9 million), as well as "the biggest Tuesday for any movie outside of summer and the year-end holidays," per The Hollywood Reporter. Talk about super.

All signs point to "Black Panther" ruling over the rest of the box office for the foreseeable future, with its week-two haul estimated in the $100 million range. Considering the previous projections for the film initially sat quite low, we wouldn't be shocked if it rockets well past these current figures.

[via: The Hollywood Reporter]