Now that "The Walking Dead," he's ready for his superhero closeup.

The 18-year-old actor has been on the AMC show since he was 10, and after next week he'll officially be done. Riggs has already tried and failed to get some major roles, like so many actors in Hollywood, and he was candid with about the parts that got away:

"I auditioned for Spider-Man. I auditioned for Han Solo, all those big movies. I would love to do something like that. It would be awesome, especially now that I have a lot more free time, it would be really, really cool."

Both Spidey and Han Solo are part of the Disney family that includes Marvel and Lucasfilm. But it sounds like he might be willing to consider DC movies and other "big" projects. It doesn't mean he'd get the roles -- sorry, but Tom Holland was definitely the right call for Peter Parker, even though he's British -- but he knows what he wants, and that's where to start. (It remains to be seen if Alden Ehrenreich, 28, was the right call for "Solo: A Star Wars Story." But Riggs was a bit too young for that part no matter what.)

This isn't the first time Riggs has admitted he didn't quite get a role he wanted. Remember this tweet from 4.5 years ago?

He had a great attitude about it then, and seems to still have a good head on his shoulders now.

Chandler Riggs' final "Walking Dead" episode as Carl Grimes airs Sunday, Feb. 25 on AMC.

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