The first U.S. edition of "Celebrity Big Brother" ended Sunday night, opposite tough competition from the Olympics Closing Ceremony, the return of "The Walking Dead," and "The Bachelor: The Women Tell All."

Five stars were still in action when the February 25 show began. Omarosa Manigault was the first to be evicted. When it came down to the final four, the final Head of Household was given the power to chose whom she/he wanted to face in Final 2, evicting two people at once.

Marissa Jaret Winokur hadn't done much but follow Ross Mathews all season, but she managed to squeak out a tie-breaking win for the final HoH. She stood by her man and took Ross to F2, evicting Ariadna Gutiérrez and the guy everyone thought she should take to the end, Mark McGrath.

It seemed like Anyone vs. Mark would give the win to Anyone, so Mark was the expected Final 2 choice. Ross had won multiple HoHs and Vetos, saving his own butt more than once when Lady O was targeting him. He played a strong strategic, physical, and apparently social game -- since both Marissa and Ari said they would've taken Ross to the end.

But, once again, the jury thought otherwise. The celebs got to watch the show back from home -- other than O, Mark, and Ari, who were freshly eliminated. It's possible that affected their decisions. Or they might've done what they did anyway.

The vote was 6-3. Marissa won. It was surprising since she didn't do much all season. Then again, we had the same result from BB19 when Josh won over Paul. And, you could argue, when Nicole beat Paul in BB18. And when Morgan beat Jason in BBOTT. This could just be the new "Big Brother" trend (that isn't even that new).

At least Ross won something -- Julie said the vote for America's Favorite came down to Ross, Shannon Elizabeth, or James Maslow. Ross won, giving him $25,000 on top of the $50,000 for second place. (Ari wasn't even in the top 3? That is some BS. She is the rightful queen.) But Marissa got the $250,000. Good for her, and really good for her "Big Brother" superfan son.

But many fans were confused and frustrated by what they saw as the wrong winner:

The job of the finalists is to convince the jury who to vote for. You don't get to pick your ideal jury. You have to understand who you have in front of you. The jury seemed to appreciate Marissa's honesty -- in the game, and in her final answers -- with only Mark, Brandi, and Metta voting for Ross to win. The usual summer season, BB20, is headed to CBS in a few months. We'll have to see if any lessons are learned from CBBUS or BB19.

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