But it's only temporary anyway. And she still got the message across.

After the 2018 Oscars, "Beauty and the Beast" belle Emma Watson showed off her new tattoo at the Vanity Fair after-party. The black cursive tat isn't permanent, but it reads "Times Up."

If she had done the hashtag #TimesUp or something, fans wouldn't comment. But since it's "Times Up" without the apostrophe to make it Time IS Up, social media started giving her crap.

US-OSCARS-VANITY FAIRCritics mentioned that she studied at Brown University, an Ivy League school, and graduated with a bachelor's degree in English literature. And yet...

We're all human. We've all made spelling errors -- sometimes many. Typos need love, too. We don't all broadcast those errors on the red carpet, but give Hermione a break. She's trying to do a good thing here.

UPDATE: Emma had a sense of humor about the whole thing, tweeting this reaction:

The big picture takeaway is that Emma Watson is a very public supporter of the Time's Up movement. She regularly backs that up with action -- donating about $1.4 million to a U.K.-based fund to fight sexual harassment, assault, and discrimination. She's a UN Women Goodwill ambassador. And she attended the 2018 Golden Globes with Marai Larasi, who heads Imkaan, which fights violence against minority women.

She's a good egg.

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