Jennifer Lawrence takes comfort from Disney movies, just like us.

You may recall reading the news last June that Lawrence's private plane had to make an emergency landing after a flight out of her native Kentucky. One of the engines failed at 31,000 feet and as they prepared to make an emergency landing, the other engine failed. The pilots heroically landed safely in Buffalo, New York, and the plane was met by many emergency vehicles on the ground.

There were no physical injuries, thankfully, but JLaw was left with some psychological scars.

US-OSCARS-ARRIVALSLawrence is on the new cover of Vanity Fair, and she said the terrifying emergency landing sent her into therapy for the first time to combat her post-traumatic stress. And Disney apparently provided another kind of therapy.

Here's more from that part of the interview:

"And every time she got on a plane in the aftermath, to soothe her nerves she watched Disney movies on rotation. 'Thank you, Emma Watson, for Beauty and the Beast,' she says. 'I've seen it six or seven times. If anybody has any questions about it, come to me.'"

"Beauty and the Beast" was released on DVD on June 6th, 2017, which is just days before Jennifer Lawrence's plane crash. So the timing was perfect.

This is why Emma Watson doesn't deserve grief for a misspelled temporary tattoo. Belle is out there really helping people overcome trauma. Even if that person is JLaw -- who can't seem to get out of her own way and just launched a new feud with a reality TV star by calling her the c-word on television. Still.

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