"The Late Show," all for the sake of "the relationship the world has been waiting for."

The late-night host arranged for Reese Witherspoon and figure skater Adam Rippon to finally meet on his show. Much to the delight of the public, the Oscar-winning actress and the Olympic bronze medalist had exchanged adoring tweets during the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games. They continued the love fest on "The Late Show," leaving Colbert looking like the odd man out at times. That's not an exaggeration: Witherspoon and Rippon held hands and gazed at each other for long moments, and then showered each other with compliments.

"This is great," Rippon told her.

"This is meant to be," Witherspoon responded.

Colbert managed to insert himself in the conversation, and then two guests finally moved on from their sugary comments. Rippon revealed a funny wardrobe malfunction, and Witherspoon showed off the extent of her appreciation for the figure skater's tweets.

Watch below -- it's worth it.

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