Rose Leslie found love with her former "Game of Thrones" star Kit Harington, but she also found sheer terror.

When the "Good Fight" star was a guest on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" recently, she had to relive a "big, scary" April Fools prank that her fiancé pulled last year. Even now, it doesn't sound like she has gotten over it. When Meyers brought up the story, she described it as "horrible" and "horrid" multiple times each, not to mention referred to Harington as a "bastard." We don't blame her for being traumatized. The actor had put a faux severed head with his face in their refrigerator for her to find.

Leslie recapped the experience to Meyers and indicated that she was totally unsuspecting as she opened the fridge to "this terrifying head." Worse, it wasn't clear to her right away that it was him, so she couldn't immediately tell that it was fake.

"I don't necessarily recognize that it's him," she told Meyers of what was going through her mind, "but I just know that somebody is bloodied ... in my fridge."

Watch Leslie discuss the prank, starting at 4:05 below.

Harington, for his part, doesn't seem overly repentant. When he appeared on "The Jonathan Ross Show" in October, he laughed as he watched the footage of poor Leslie discovering the head and then erupting into screams and tears. Watch the prank video below.

Seriously, poor Leslie. That said, kudos to Harington for his diabolical creativity.

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