Boy meets girl, girl disappears, boy embarks on surreal quest across L.A. to find her, hijinks ensue.

The first trailer is here for "Under the Silver Lake," a trippy neo-noir comedy from the writer/director of "It Follows," David Robert Mitchell. Andrew Garfield stars as Sam, a disenchanted man whose life gets turned upside down when he meets a mysterious woman (Riley Keough) at his East Los Angeles apartment complex.

When she vanishes without a trace, Sam tries to track her down by decoding clues from songs, billboards, graffiti, postcards, even cereal boxes. Throughout his journey, he meets all sorts of wacky people from sex workers to socialites to dog killers.

Tonally, the movie seems strange and kookily comedic — a huge shift from the horror of "It Follows." And yet, both share a rule-bending, experimental sensibility.

"Under the Silver Lake" also stars Jimmi Simpson, Topher Grace, Callie Hernandez, Summer Bishil, Riki Lindhome, and Zosia Mamet. It opens in theaters June 22.