"Westworld" fans got something Thursday that made them very, very happy: an intriguing, new poster and more clues.

HBO posted the image on Twitter after having sent fans looking for clues that led to it. Luckily, their hunt paid off with a striking poster and additional Season 2 leads. The poster features what looks like a mechanical vulture next to a familiar black hat and blood. In the background, there's a stormy sky with foreboding gray and red clouds. Above all this is the message, "Chaos takes control."

Fans seem more than pleased with the fruit of their labor (or perhaps that of others). Numerous people shared their reaction to the new poster on Twitter, and their excitement is palpable. Many of them didn't even bother with words, letting GIFs say it all.

Some didn't get swept up in excitement, though. Instead, they kept their detective hats on and looked for still more clues -- and found them, of course. Thanks to their sharp eyes, we know now that the poster leads to a video you can watch at the website DiscoverWestworld.com/FindtheDoor, as Refinery 29 reported.

The release of the poster and teaser coincides with the start of the one-month countdown to "Westworld" Season 2. The hit HBO drama series returns April 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.