No better way to solve daddy issues than a road trip.

In the first trailer for the Netflix movie "Kodachrome,"Jason Sudeikis plays a struggling record label executive who reluctantly goes on a road trip with his estranged dying father (Ed Harris) so the latter, a noted photographer, can develop some old film in the last remaining lab that can develop Kodachrome.

The trip brings out all the complicated, prickly history between the two, and along for the ride is the dad's caretaker (Elizabeth Olsen).

As Netflix describes it, it's "the story of three damaged people coming to terms with themselves, each other, and a world swiftly changing from analog to digital."

There's a heavy emphasis on music, not surprising since Sudeikis' character is in the music industry. And since he has to find a hot new band to avoid being fired, he and his companions check out some live music, which is balanced by licensed songs on the soundtrack (however, Paul Simon's "Kodachrome" is not included).

"Kodachrome" begins streaming April 20 on Netflix.