The Office," but his latest project, the thriller "A Quiet Place," seems about as far from Dunder Mifflin as you can get. Despite their seemingly huge differences, though, Krasinski says that his experience making "The Office" was a huge inspiration for him when he set out to film "A Quiet Place."

As the actor-director explains it, while the mockumentary and horror flick don't have much in common in terms of subject matter, he learned some valuable storytelling lessons on the set of the NBC sitcom that could be applied to any project.

"I remember on 'The Office' the creator, Greg Daniels, said, 'Your job is not to deliver these lines funny, your job is to deliver these lines,'" Krasinski said in an interview with Variety. "If someone laughs, that's up to them, you just deliver the truth of the moment, and I applied it here. My goal is not that I set out to make a scary movie, I set out to make a movie about a family. If you were scared, it's because you didn't want to see anything happen to these people."

It certainly seems like Krasinski was successful in his quest, with "A Quiet Place" already garnering some stellar early reviews, and looking frightening as hell in its trailers. The actor may not be making us laugh every week on television anymore (seriously, give him a call about that reboot, NBC!), but it looks like he's pretty great at scaring the pants off of us, too.

"A Quiet Place" opens on April 6.

[via: Variety]