It looks like NBC has lost both The Office," Krasinski also reported that he has yet to hear anything from the show's producers.

The actor revealed that disappointing bit of news during a recent appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." When asked about the possibility of appearing in the new series -- which would be a revival of sorts, featuring some of the original cast, but also move forward with a new boss and other new characters -- Krasinski said he didn't know much about it, mainly because he has not been asked to appear.

"I did hear that -- on the internet," Krasinksi joked when talk turned to the reboot. "Guess who didn't get a call? Me. What does that say? NBC is like, 'You know who we didn't like? Jim.'"

All kidding aside, though, the actor said that he would gladly "suit up" again as Jim Halpert should NBC come calling.

"Would you do it?" DeGeneres asked.

"Oh my god, are you kidding?" Krasinski replied. "I'd love to get that gang back together."

We'll keep our fingers crossed. Stay tuned for more intel as it becomes available.