Reese Witherspoon pays attention to what is going on in pop culture, from which Olympian is tweeting her to "Jeopardy!" categories that hit close to home.

The Alex Trebek-hosted game show caught her attention this week when there was a category devoted entirely to her: Reese Witherspoon movies. The Oscar winner watched as the contestants took on the trivia and one emerged as a clear Witherspoon expert. The contestant, a woman named Emily, handled the category like Elle Woods once she'd gotten serious at Harvard Law -- she correctly answered every single question.

Impressed with Emily's success, Witherspoon reached out to the contestant via Twitter, sending her a warm message and saying it "made [her] day." Sadly for Daniel, one of the other competitors, she had a light admonishment.

"You gotta be quicker than that, Daniel!" she wrote in part. "Way to go, Emily!"

Poor Daniel probably feels bad about how he did, but nailing the category paid off well for Emily. Answering every Reese Witherspoon movies "Jeopardy!" question: $3,000. Congratulations from the actress herself: priceless.

[h/t: EW]

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