Get ready to delve deeper into Delos Destinations' twisted worlds.

"Westworld" co-creators, Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, have been dropping hints about Shogun World and other parks owned by the fictional company for months. As Season 2 approaches, the two are finally getting more specific. Joy and Nolan chatted with EW about what's to come, and they spilled some specifics about one park in particular, Shogun World, which we'll see in multiple upcoming episodes.

To be clear, the majority of "Westworld" Season 2 will take place in the park for which the show is named. Only one storyline will involve Shogun World, and we'll only go there for "a couple episodes," Nolan told EW. Meanwhile, other storylines will be set "elsewhere," but that creators aren't letting too much slip there. Nolan did, however, assure fans that the Shogun World scenes will be "spectacular."

With Shogun World, we'll get to see another one of Delos Destinations' experiences, one inspired by Japan's Edo period but also films Nolan and Joy grew up watching, they told EW. The website describes the world as follows:

For those for whom Westworld is not enough, the true connoisseur of gore can indulge their fantasies with the slash of a katana. Modeled after Japan's Edo period, Shogun World offers a chance for guests to embrace their inner warrior, in a landscape of highest beauty and darkest horror. Let your true self take shape in the land where self-discovery is an art form.

From Shogun World, we'll get "a sense of an alternately brutal and beautiful world," Nolan said. And if you somehow didn't think Westworld was enough, this is apparently the answer for you.

We'll see the unfamiliar park in "Westworld" Season 2, which premieres April 22 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

[via: EW]