A third "Annabelle" movie is officially happening, and it will be directed by Gary Dauberman, who wrote the previous "Annabelle" scripts. This will mark his directorial debut, and he'll once again write the screenplay.

The Hollywood Reporter shared the news, adding no further plot details beyond the obvious connection to the creepy demon doll.

New Line has put "Annabelle 3" (full title to be revealed later) on the fast track, with a release of July 3, 2019.

If that date looks familiar -- beyond looking like it wants a Will Smith movie to open on that same day -- it's because Warner Bros. just announced they'd be releasing another movie in the "Conjuring" universe on that date.

"Annabelle" is a "Conjuring" spinoff, so this looks like the movie in question. That means we still don't know when "The Conjuring 3" or "The Crooked Man" will be released.

Gary Dauberman, writer/director of this "Annabelle" movie, is one of the "It" writers (including "Chapter Two") and he also wrote "The Nun," coming out this September. "The Nun" is considered the fifth movie in the "Conjuring" series, after the two "Conjuring" movies so far, and the two "Annabelle" movies. That makes "Annabelle 3" the sixth movie in the "Conjuring" franchise.

Are you disappointed that it's "Annabelle" taking that July 2019 date and not "Conjuring 3" or "The Crooked Man"? Don't worry, they're still on the way.

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