Charlize Theron is being called "brave" for some of the work she did for her latest film, "Tully," but she doesn't feel comfortable with the praise.

The Oscar winner stopped by "Good Morning America" on Friday to discuss the comedy-drama film, and she brought up the weight she gained for the film. Theron put on nearly 50 pounds, according to USA Today, leading some to compliment her courage. However, those comments clearly make her uncomfortable given that she doesn't think she did anything special.

"A lot of people are making a big deal because I gained all this weight for the film and how 'brave' that is," she said. "I'm like, 'do you know that moms do this every day and no one calls them brave?'"

Theron explained that her goal was to do "justice to mothers out there" and that she has the "utmost respect for moms." As a mother herself, she knows how tough the job is. In fact, between parenting her own kids and playing a mother to two others, she said ended up suffering more injuries on "Tully" than either "Mad Max" or "Atomic Blonde."

Maybe she'll agree that is brave.

Watch Theron discuss the reaction to her weight gain around 2:30.

"Tully" hit theaters May 4; "Good Morning America" airs weekdays.