The first trailer for the "Magnum P.I." reboot is here and it promises fast cars, great Hawaiian locations, chopper action ... and no mustache on its leading man.

Star Jay Hernandez told TV Guide the reason he's stache-less: "No one is going to replace Tom Selleck. You can't do that. You gotta sorta reinvent it, take what works from the original show and sort of make it new so that's what we did." He promised that we won't even miss the mustache.

Justin Lin of of "Fast and Furious" fame directed the pilot, which means car chases, shootouts, and fights galore.

While Magnum still has his own bro version of "The A-Team," just like in the original series, Higgins is no longer a fussy older man, but an ass-kicking former MI:6 agent (Perdita Weeks of "Ready Player One"). Like the original Higgins (John HIllerman), she has two intimidating Dobermans that Magnum is none too fond of.

Since this is on CBS and set in Hawaii and from the creator of "Hawaii Five-O" Peter Lenkov, a crossover doesn't seem out of the question.

"Magnum P.I." premieres this fall on CBS. It costars Zachary Knighton as Orville 'Rick' Wright and Stephen Hill as Theodore 'TC' Calvin.

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